Calum McSwiggan

In This City

In Eat, Love on April 26, 2012 at 8:53 pm

‘And I found that round here, in this city,

That I won’t disappear, in this city,

I got nothing to fear, in this city.’

Iglu & Hartley

  Four years ago I arrived in Derby as an eighteen year old boy, and in exactly one month’s time I will be packing up my bags and leaving as a twenty-two year old man. A lot has changed in these four years, friendships have been forged and lost, relationships have come and gone, and stories have been lived and told.

The feeling of spending my first summer here in Derby, living free and independtly, was empowering; perched by the open window, breathing in the spiced air, sipping corona, and gawping at the topless gardener who mowed past every couple of minutes. The temptation to try to re-live these long lost memories is overpowering, but I know more than ever, that now is the time to leave.

This city has been a stepping stone for me, there was once a time when the dull-lights of Derby seemed overwhelming, the streets seemed so full of opportunity, and every person I met revealed a whole new world to me. As I leave, it’s obvious to me that I’ve exhausted this small city of all it has to offer, and it’s time to explore the rest of this expansive world.

I’m taking with me those few possessions that matter, the memories I’ll always cherish, and those few friendships that will last a lifetime.

With a year’s savings in the bank-account, I’m first headed to Spain to visit family, and then on to spend another summer teaching hyper-active children in Italy. Where I will go after that, however, is still an enormous overhanging question-mark. I spent two years planning a move to America, that despite my greatest efforts, has everything but fallen through. I have the opportunity to move to London with my dearest friend,  and creative partner, but where I will end up is still unknown.

What I do know for sure though, and I type this with a heavy heart, is that I won’t be returning to Derby – the place that has served as a loving home for the past four years.

  1. YOU will have the bestest adventures ever, and your story inspires me already. Go. Be. Do. You are ALL THE THINGS x

  2. Derby will always have a place in your heart , and plenty of memories, but now you are starting a new chapter in your life , which will create many more !! Be very proud of what you have achieved ! I know I am xxxxx

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