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Love is Love, Regardless of Gender

In Gay, Love on April 27, 2012 at 12:15 pm


‘All men can be heroes,

All men can be husbands’

Over the past couple of months there has been a lot of tension surrounding the Coalition for Marriage, a campaign to stop same-sex marriage becoming legalised in this country. As it stands, the Coalition for Marriage has achieved just under 500,000 signatures. That’s 500,000 UK citizens who have taken time out of their day to deny gay individuals the right to marry. The opposition, the Coalition for Equal Marriage , has achieved barely a tenth of that, with a measly 50,000 signatures.

This highlights the inequality that is still present in today’s society. The gay rights movement has progressed a hell of a long way since homosexuality was first legalised in 1967, but there is still a lot of ground that needs to be covered. Huge steps have been taken within my lifetime, it was only in 2000 when the age of consent was equalised to sixteen for both straight and gay couples, but I believe it will still be a long time until equality will truly be witnessed in our society.

Gay and straight men alike often utter that there is no need for gay activism because we have already achieved equal rights- I couldn’t disagree more. Despite the fact that we have gay icons in the media, homosexuality is still perceived as something wrong, something shameful, something that needs to be hidden away in the closet. It’s a rarity to see a gay couple holding hands in the street, and gay pride parades are still ambushed by angry protestors- It was only in 2010 when anti-gay death-sentence leaflets were distributed in the lead up to Derby Gay Pride.

 I personally only surround myself with those people who are supportive of homosexual individuals and it is easy to forget the masses of people who are strongly against us. The statistics indicate that only one tenth of the population fully support gay rights, and if that doesn’t indicate that there is a drastic need for progression, I don’t know what does.

The Coalition for Equal Marriage recently released this video in support of same-sex marriage, I’m optimistically hoping that it will help raise awareness and increase the number of signatures.

If you are for same-sex marriage and haven’t yet signed the petition, I strongly urge you to do so. After all, love is love, regardless of gender.

  1. The Coalition For Marriage (c4m)

    • They have an estimated 200,000 on a mailing list that got sent straight out (remember these are really the Christian Institute).
    • They obtained a huge number of signatures at all the Catholic Churches by deceptively telling the congregation that they will be forced to marry gay people and if they don’t sign they will be falling short of what it means to be a good catholic. In fact, this actually happened at my Anglican church the other Sunday.
    • They kick-started their campaign at a conference then invited all the worlds media.
    • They have an obscene budget for advertising and marketing including full paged adverts in the dailies.
    • They have sent an open letter to 385 Catholic Schools urging schoolchildren to sign the petition. There have even been reports of canvassing at playgroups.
    • People are signing it twice; online and on paper. I have witnessed this in my own Church.
    • Just a cursory glance through Twitter will see foreigners signing it and tweeting about how to find UK postcodes to use.

    The counter petition ‘The Coalition for Equal Marriage’ is more of parody that was set up after the original caused so much offence with it’s erroneous claims and lacks any sort of resources to push it. Considering that, I think their numbers aren’t bad.

    The C4m was always going to get a huge number to boast about but many were taken illegally and under the confusion of deliberate misinformation.

    • Thanks for the brilliant response Kate, it’s extremely comforting to know that the high ammount of signatures were achieved through unfair methods. I would be interested to see what the real number of people for/against this would be. I would guess that would probably still have more signatures but perhaps not by such a huge ammount.

      Thanks again for the feedback, massively appreciated, and despite the mischief at work, I feel incredibly relieved.


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