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Trouble Maker

In Gay, Love on May 10, 2012 at 10:46 am


‘When I marry my partner I would like our celebration of love and commitment to mean the same as every other couple in the UK. No more, no less, because I believe we’re all equal.’

– Mike Buonaiuto

Yesterday, I commented on one of the Out4Marriage videosa new video project in support of equal marriage- in order to show my support; I was called an embarrassment and a homosexual trouble-maker, in response.

I wasn’t offended, though, the commenter was a member of a Neo-Nazi organisation and is renowned for causing trouble wherever he has the opportunity. *begins to sing Alanis Morisette’s Ironic.* In all honesty I was quite proud to be called a homosexual trouble-maker, I’m pretty sure Harvey Milk was probably called that back in his day, too.

Spurred on by the Out4Marriage campaign, I went on to draw further inspiration from videos such as the heartbreaking It Could Happen To You story, and a video of a young gentleman taking the mature approach to a break-up by giving away the holiday he’d bought for his ex-girlfriend.

I haven’t written about my break-up since it happened, most probably because it would just be a page of abuse and swear words, so I took this opportunity to openly discuss my failed relationship whilst advocating the battle for equal marriage rights.

I wanted to see how much trouble I could really cause and so I made a video where I take my clothes off in support of equal marriage.

And i’ll keep on causing trouble until equality is witnessed not only in the UK, but right across the world.

 I’m Out4Marriage, are you?

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