Calum McSwiggan

I Like Your Man Areas

In Gay on May 25, 2012 at 7:34 am

Hot guys

‘I like that dirty daddy cuz his chest be kinda hairy, but I also like them chickens cuz those dudes is finger lickin’

– Johnny McGovern

I gawped at the topless twenty-something jogger as he ran along by the side of the road, his tight joggers clinging to his body leaving nothing to the imagination, and his muscles glistening in the blistering sun. Obscene thoughts ran through my mind but as soon as he noticed my staring, he quickly grabbed his t-shirt and pulled it back over his body.

As well as being disappointed at the fact that the peep show was now over, I was initially offended that he would cover himself up just because a gay man was appreciating the view- if a woman were watching it would have been a different story. But then I imagined a woman running down the street in a bikini, and imagined a group of men eyeing her up and making her uncomfortable, and realised that perhaps it was me that was in the wrong- if he wants to cover himself up he has the right, I am not entitled to look at his body.

We’re all guilty of objectifying men and women to some degree, but where do we draw the line? What is appropriate and what is inappropriate? We already have an alarmingly high number of rapes happening every year due to men believing they have entitlement over women.

In pop culture, straight men constantly objectify women, sometimes to an extent that is completely inappropriate- Tip Drill is a prime example of this, both the lyrics of the song and the music itself are massively degrading towards women- be warned before clicking the link, though, although it’s not pornographic it’s pretty x-rated. 

50 Cent, famed for rapping about blowjobs and having scantily clad women gyrating around him, recently declared that he was in support of gay marriage as long as he doesn’t get objectified himself- he’s worried that gay men will grab his buns in an elevator. Although this worry is both absurd and massively homophobic, it would greatly help prove that homosexuality is about love and not sex if men weren’t seen as objects by the gay communities.

I’m not being a prude, my tumblr page is riddled with topless male models and I spend half my life drooling over the Call Me Maybe Guy, but when gay versions of videos like Tip Drill begin to immerge, things have been taken a little bit too far. I stumbled upon this sordid gem a while ago, and despite the fact that it has semi-naked men dancing around in it, it makes me feel sick to the stomach- it’s so seedy and repugnant that I first assumed it must be a parody, but apparantly not.

Although I am partial to a semi-naked man running past me in the street, I do think that the extreme objectification of both men and women is wrong- we have to draw the line somewhere, and if women continue to be seen as sexual objects by the media then it won’t be long until men are too. So, to all those guys out there who talk about pussy instead of women, if you can’t take it then you shouldn’t dish it out- next time you slap a girl on the behind and call her sweet-cheeks, just imagine a 6’5 drag queen doing the same right back to you.

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