Calum McSwiggan

God Save The Queens

In Eat, Gay on June 3, 2012 at 2:48 pm

 ‘Don’t be a drag, just be a queen’

– Lady Gaga 

Despite being several hundred miles from my home country, through the power of the internet I can feel the nation springing to life in passionate celebration for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Though I don’t consider myself to be patriotic, only pledging my allegiance to a country until I find one that has better looking men, there is one thing about my home country that makes me proud to be British- and that is our Queen: a woman of great power, a thriving feminist icon, a symbol of honour and virtue, and even at the grand old age of 86 she’s still quite handy with a machine gun.

We don’t all share these positive opinions of her though. I’ve heard her denounced on countless occasions, and until recent years I wasn’t entirely keen on the monarchy myself. It was only through realising that she’d literally given up her entire life in order to serve her country that I began to gain both respect and admiration for her.

 Newspapers are forever running articles complaining about the annual cost of The Queen, listing the things we could buy instead for the 69p she costs us per person- a packet of crisps, a chocolate bar, half a litre of fuel- but taking into account the sacrifices she has made, I’d take Queenie over a Kit-Kat any day.

What I didn’t come to expect, though, was the recent accusations of homophobia coming from the gay community. As a man who fervently seeks world-wide equality, I’d like to shoot down such accusations before they do any real harm. The Queen isn’t the enemy here; such accusations should be redirected to the Ron Pauls and Anita Bryants of the world.

It is believed that The Queen is homophobic because she has never outwardly shown any support for any gay cause, whereas I would love to see her openly show her acceptance of LGBT individuals, I understand that the omission isn’t down to any kind of bigotry.

The Queen is bound to a duty of silence, she is unable to comment or openly discuss her opinions, particularly when the subject matter is stooped in political conflict. Her free speech is massively limited yet she has still been criticised over not commenting on the current battle for equal marriage; she was hardly going to upload an Out4Marriage video to YouTube, was she?

The Queen Mother, however, never remained quite so schtum. When a Conservative Minister advised her not to employ homosexuals in the 1970s, she was outraged and wittily remarked we’d have to go self service. I would be enormously surprised if she hadn’t imparted those same values onto her daughter.

Despite the fact that The Queen has never voiced her support, we’ve witnessed her making silent appreciative gestures towards the gay community- I sincerely doubt she was thinking ‘cock-sucking faggot’ as she knighted Sir Elton John or Sir Ian McKellan. The Queen does not have to publically voice her support for homosexuals to make her opinions known, her actions speak louder than words.

Given the opportunity I think the Queen would quite happily stand up in one of her enormous flamboyant hats and proudly sing her own rendition of God Save The Queens- and for that I salute her.

Happy Diamond Jubilee, Ma’am.

  1. I guess she loves gay so much but she has no power to support the gay because of her title which is so tight to the church. Well, she needs to support the church as the queen doesn’t she?

    • Definitely! I think her hands are tied like a lot of the figure-heads in the Church of England, they can’t speak for themselves because they have to speak for the majority.

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